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Alzheimer’s - Latest & Updated Treatment In Homeopathy

In homoeopathy we have a very good treatment on Alzheimers'd Disease. we hava a wonderfull medicine i.e. direct oxygen supplier to the brain i.e. Ginko Biloba. It is vey dependable drugs in homoeopathy. Along with you have to continue the other medicine to remove the holding subject from the brain. Medicines are.....

Alumina-A person who are very sad and of variabable very moody, very hasty and very much hurried with a great mental confusion and even make mstakes in writing and speaking and also about their own identity; exaggerate time and distance- an hour seems a day and short distance seems too long ;very impulsive when he sees sharp distance seems too long;who are very impulsive.Memory weakness, Alzheimers diseases , senility and dementia are the diseases that are caused. The consiousness of reality and judgement is also disturbed.Confusion to their own personal identity . when he sees or states something, he has the feeling , as though another person had said or seen it or as though he was placed in another person and could see only..

Cordyceps- (Caterpillar fungus) this medicine is prepared from caterpillar fungus a tibetan mushroom. which is use to prepare medicinal dose; like mother tinture, pills, and all potencies. over thousand of years ago a tibetan hardsman in the Himalayas observed their yaks becoming vitalized after eating the fungus cordyceps. So it was proved that cordyceps is an energy and stamina booster. It increases athletic performance especially in long distance races. Chronic fatigue. Shortness of Breath. Weak stemina, mountain sickness, lack of strength and endurance, mental , physical exhaustion due to over work . Alzheimer’s diseases, sexual debility. Nerve weakness, Diseases like :- Altitude sickness, Alzheimer’s disease, Anemia, Asthma, Bronchitis, Chronic fatigue, Emaciation,Exhaustion,Hepatitis, mental weakness, senility, shortness of breath, Tuberculosis.are the diseases which are cured by this medicine that is CORDYCEPS.

Genko Biloba- Mentally weak and exhausted. Poor concentration. Dullness of mind. Loss of memory and inability to solve mental tasks. Absendt-minded and forgetful. Senility and Alzheimer’s Disease. Sensation of mental fatigue . Mental work is an effort to carry out .
Hellibourus Niger - Very irritable and easily angered , dull, stupid. Woeful and melancholic does not like to be disturbed. Consolation Aggravates most of the complains.Silent and extremely anguished. When questioned, answers slowly, giving picture of acute idiocy.

Nux Moschata- Absent Minded and thus cannot think or concentrate the mind on anything; indifferent and not intrested in any thing for self or others; Very much forgetful due to extreme weakness of memory, so much , that he cannot recognize a well known street and connot remmber any thing.Again he uses wrong workds due to vanishig of thoughts while reading, talking or writing. Again his mood is frequently chainging one moment laughing and next moment crying. sudden change from grave to gay and from lovely to serene.

Zinc- Muddled. Brain-fag. Weak Memory, very sensitive to noise. Averse to work to talk, Fretful, Melancholia. Lethergic stupid. Easily startled, excited or intoxicated. Forgetful. sensitive to othere talking and noise. weeps on angry.
Other following drugs will be consider for this disease -
Agaricus, Ambra G., Belladonna, Hyos, Lilium Tig, Nat Sulph, Phosphoric acid, Phosphorus, pic Acid, Nux vomica, Phosphorus.
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replied October 9th, 2010
recent memory loss and lack of concentration
My father(75) is suffering from "recent memory loss".He can not give concentration in anything. What medicine u suggest
waqiting for ur suggestion

Bijit choudhury
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replied March 21st, 2013
my mom she is at 68 of age is suffering alzheimer and may be it is severe stage please help me.
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