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Sizes of suggested servings for hypoglycemic diet

I don't know where to start.i'm a 36 year old maried Male with two children(5&7). I had symptoms of hypoglocemia for about 3-4 years,symptoms were very mild,i would eat lots of carb stuff, would feel shaky and dizzy.The only way to get comfortable was puking the food out. I would get those symptoms atleast couple times a i really didn't care because i didn't know what was going on. ..........
I have been feeling worst the past three months,I was on vacation in Turkley and a Doctor had put me on a beta blocker for two months. Everythink happened after that i have stopped using the Beta blocker, but i guess it did his harm far enough..... start going to see my dr,but took him a while to figure out what is going on. So he ordered lots of tests.he said i might have "Hypoglocemia"scared the hell out of me with to little information. researched on google. And followed the wrong steps. Bought a blood glucose meter.The first 3 days were pretty good. I would start with a fasting level of 100-107, and would go as low as 85. But the last three days i have added lots of white bread,sugar and caffein to my diet which brought my fasting level down to 85 and my dailey level to mid 70's. so i guess my stupied doctor didn't tell me to don't eat rice,sugar,caffein etc. I have changed my doctor. I'm going to see an Endocrine specialist this coming thursday i gave blood samples last night. I feel so stupied. Stan can you please tell me the sizes of your suggested servings?
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replied July 17th, 2018
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Of course you can not bread, sugar !! potatoes. Only low-carb diet.
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