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Phimosis After Surgery : circumsized

Hello everyone....I have a couple of questions that i need help on. Just recently (about a week ago) i had surgery for phimosis (circumsized). And well, im starting to get a little better than i was a few days ago, but im concerned. Before the surgery, the foreskin hole was very small, to the point it was hard to pee the way it was....After the surgery, the hole is much bigger, but the problem is, the foreskin still has to be pushed over the head, like its still pretty tight, and thats when its limp. Im concerned about how hard it will be to retract once i am erect. Does this mean i will have to get surgery again? I hope not Sad

My second question...when i get the foreskin back enough to look at the head...the bottom of the head, where the ridge should be, doesnt look right. I've looked up pictures of others, and they look normal, but mine seems to look like the foreskin blends right into the bottom of my head...What does this mean? is it just me? Someone please help me. Im very concerned, and do not want to have to go back and get more surgery.
If you would like to PM me if you have any questions, i would highly appriciate it...
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replied October 27th, 2008
It may take a little longer for the foreskin to adjust and for better retraction. However, if those problems persist over the next few months, you may have to go back on the table.

Your foreskin seems normal, it should blend into the head; everyone is different. Is there any pain or discomfort at that location?
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