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Adderall And Ambien

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Have any of you taken ambien with adderall? I was prescribed 20mg daily. I have learned to manipulate my pills so I don't experience that downhill slide after three hours. I usually will end up taking 30 mg in an eight hour period. When ready for sleep, I take ambien and can be asleep in 20 minutes. What I'm questioning is side effects. The next day after ambien and adderall, I am exhausted until well into the afternoon. I've taken the medication for over six years. It's amazing what can be accomplished when your on the medication. I'm in the medical field and have two small children.
On the other token, I have accomplished less meaningful tasks. I have experienced the exact side affects of every post I've read on adderrall. Withdrawl from family and friends, irritability, and loss of interest in activities. It takes alot to admit addiction to this drug that makes me feel so awesome. But really, we all know it's not good for us. It's such a short term problem fixer. How can I wean off of this crap and not gain a bunch of weight?
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