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Bf Accusing Me of Infidelity W/ Straight Guys

I am a gay male and have been living with my boyfriend for over two years. I made a really big mistake by virtually moving in with him when i met him.
He is so paranoid ive never known anyone to be this bad. I was working in London in a school and he accused me of sleeping with every male member of staff even though they were straight. He has accused me of sleeping with all my friends and I have already lost some good friends.
Recently I have moved back to my home town and things have got even worse. (he just came in the room and questioned me)
He has tried to stop me seeing my bestfriends and theyhate being around him. People round here do not know im gay apartfrom a few close friends and now evrytime im in a straight nightclub if he turns round and cant see me he shouts at me all night in front of everyone.
I really cant take anymore and its starting to get physical. I go to work all day (he does not work and i come home to get accused and it breaks me)
Now im at this new job he has already accused me and given me a really hard time about all the male members of staff. If a male phones me I know im in for a few nights arguing or defending myself.
There are 100s of more sick and sad situations i culd tell you about but you haveheard enough. Ive asked him to leave loads of times but he wont go. I did lovehim atthe startof the relationship but the paranoia has droveme away completely.
I feel like im on my own.

Please help me with your suggestions
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replied August 23rd, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
Your partner is never going to stop accusing you of sleeping around. He's obviously very insecure. Maybe he has been cheated on and is punishing you for his former lovers mistakes. Or maybe he's been the cheater and always thinks that others have the same ill intentions as well.

My suggestion would be get away from this person and find yourself a nice guy that will love you and let you go to work or visit your home without accusing you of being unfaithful. You don't deserve to be treated that way.
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