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I'd like to get some feedback from folks regarding BP disorder and anxiety. Specifically I'd like to know what kind of actions or behaviors are exhibited on the depressed end of the scale. My husband is bipolar unspecified however anxiety has also been diagnosed. During the current depressed cycle he has become totally detached/unemotional, completely avoiding me as well as family and friends. He is in flight mode, living in a hotel. In a recent conversation he says he can't come home due to the anxiety and he wants to focus on the things he can control in his life, his job...he is a workaholic and always hides behind work when depressed. Of course I want to reach out and choke him, my patience just gone, but I understand (I think) why he is acting in this manner. He is convinced he is capable of making good decisions and says he doesn't think he is that depressed. When I point out certain actions he retracts a bit but only for a second. I know, does no good to try and point out the rational right now, I just can't help myself. He is convinced that he is just making change in his life an this is who he is. Ok, known the guy for over 24 ain't him. I predicted the current mood 4 months ago as the 2 companies he is engaged in were ramping up at the same time. Tremendous work load and stress. Add to that the fact that he has been unable to quit current job due to a commitment and the other company is desperate for him to come aboard full time. On a personal note we have had all the ugliness that can occur from the mania but were making good headway in the fall til about March. Things started getting worse when work stress increased.
He is on medication but just had depakote added about a month ago. He does see his pdoc but isn't great at making that appointment a priority over work.

Would really like to hear everyone's experiences. I find the information a life saver. Thanks!
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replied August 29th, 2007
did he start out with ocd when he was a kid?
thats what happened to me. i had ocd, and then it just turned into anxiety. then into what seems to be bipolar. ive never been on meds.

i just started doing meditation on compassion. this requires not worrying about anything for starters. then you naturally begin to feel compassion towards anything. it works great for anxiety, and im hoping this will cure me completely.
if you can get him to do this, then that would be great.

compassion meditation also stimulates brain growth, so that can definately cure stress, anxiety, and a lot of other stuff in the long run.

good luck.
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