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I Think I Might Have a Brain Tumor...

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But i'm not sure, I have some of the symptoms listed, maybe i'm just paranoid but i'm getting scared. I get headaches at least once a week, my memory seems to get worse, I get nasaeus at times, I lose my temper more easily, and I times I get a ringing in my ears. The other day, in gym, I was losing my breathe, my heart was pounding really fast and I could feel it, and all of a sudden it went into the back of my head, and my nurse said she thinks I should consult a doctor. I also have a somewhat large bump on my head. What should I do? Does anyone know if I could have a brain tumor?
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replied March 18th, 2004
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Go to a doc asap. The bump is what confuses me...If you didnt have the bump I would say it could be anxiety. But I am ont sure of the bump...Go to doc.
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replied June 29th, 2004
I agree to.. You should have that checked out dont be scared it could be anything not eveything is cancer I had those same symptoms as you and the hole time it was my sinus problems I needed surgery I had sharp pains head ache couldnt even see right I freaked out to but it was my sinusyour heart could be racing because of you being nervous about it cuz I had the same thing panic attacks but you still should have it checked it could be anything
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