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A couple of years ago I lived in an apartment that had severe water damage. It did get fixed w/new carpet. After a few months, I started to have episodes of vomiting every other week or so. My episodes last for a few hours, and my stomach seems to go further than just emptying itself. We moved, and miraculously the episodes immediately stopped.
Now I live in another apartment, that a few months ago had some water damage as well. The padding in the carpet has been replaced and the carpet steam cleaned as well. Just a few months later, I have started my vomiting episodes again. They seem a little harsher this time and more frequent.
I have been to a few gastroenterologists, and they seem baffled and just run more tests that do not show anything abnormal. I have had endoscopies, countless blood tests, and an ultra sound. I kept a food diary, switched diets, and nothing has helped. My rheumatologist didn't seem to think it was lupus related. But looking around online it appears like it might have something to do with it.
The medications I'm on are: Prednisone-7.5-10 mg/day, immuran- 75mg/day, and aspirin of 325 mg/day, and some multivitamins.
Anyone have anything similar to this? I would love any help I could get.
Thank you.
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replied March 4th, 2012
lupus & vomiting
I have sick with Lupus since 2003 and this week seem to be a very bad week for me i can't seem to hold anything down i vomit even if i just drink water my doctor wants to try a new medication to see if this might help but its the new med that the FDA just approved and one of the side effects could be death i know i need to eat to keep my strength but i can't seem to keep anything down
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