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Red Spots On Scalp Underarms Leg, And Butt

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Hi I have had a condition that has been going on for over a year. I have seen numerous dermatologiat and other doctors over the past year or so. I have red really itchy patches on my scalp. The only thing that clears it up is Kenalog spray but when I stop using it for a day even they come right back. I have some pimple like bumps on my underarm, and sometimes get and itchy patch there also. Use desonide cream there and it seems to work ok but again if i stop for a day or 2 it is right back. And finally on my butt are red spots varying in size . It started out with maybe 3 or four but it is up to about 10 now. They sometimes itch. Sometime one patch will itch bad and not the others. Then there are also some dark colored pimples. The desonide cream seems to stop the itching but I can't get rid of any of these. The doctors have said it was dermatitis, then another said psoriasis. But not matter what the shampoo does nothing. The spray seems to work the best but only temporarily and the cream seems to work well also but is also temporary. I know this is alot of information. Just wandering if anyone has anything like this or any other ideas on what this might be. I am scheduled for another dermatolgist appointment soon. I have had a biopsy done on one of the spots and they said it came back as nothing. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

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replied March 2nd, 2009
I have more or less the same red dots in the same places.
Have you any other health problems?
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