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Feeling Suspicious..maybe Im Over Reacting?

Well for the past month I've been feeling weird with my boyfriend. When he gets a txt on his phone he.ll most of the time get up and go to another room. Or he.ll turn away and to tell you the truth its annoying me. Reson is cause he.ll get the txt around 12pm and 1 or 2am. Last nite at 1am he got a txt. He bounced rite off the couch, said he had to use the bathroom, was in there for bout 3 to 4 min, came out and asked me If he could go out.

Its 1am in the morning and I jus looked at him and nodded. He got dressed in a flurry, gave me a kiss, called Me sweety and left. He didn't bother to let me know around what time he might even come back home. He said he was going to a friends house. I totally understand he's not the type to stay at home because I'm like that lol both broke financially rite now so we rarely go out. And I know he gets bored so he goes out more with his fiends than I do.

Ever since my pregnancy scare and him acting cold when I told him been feeling like this. Down, not supported. I even tried something flirty and fun today. I sent him a sexy survey like I used to do when we were first getting to know each other. The point was for him to reply to the email I had sent with his answers..but
He jus read it over gave me simple answers like "yes and no and maybe" and just seemed so nonchalant and bleh to it.

And that hurt cause I was trying to do something flirty and playful wit him to get him to open up but I just got shot down. I told him all I wanted was to be playful and stuff and his answer was "you know that from the very beginning I don't like surveys." he lies cause he used to send me tons of them when we were first dating.... So the end result is I'm not trying that anymore. I don't want to get shot down again.Sad

I hate feeling suspicious cause an hour later after that he gets the txt. jus for him to leave in such a hurry made me iffy and feel suspicious. Cause he.ll normally get ready to go out around 10pm. if you guys have read my posts. You'd know why my trust in him is so low. Anybody gone through something similar?
I hate being the paranoid girlfriend
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replied August 19th, 2007
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talk to him about it...why is he being so secretive about his bf and I leave our phones out, he sometimes gets to my phone before i do to read my text, i dont care.. ihave nothing to hide..hes the same way
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replied September 26th, 2010
first of all you need to understand a fact everyone would like to console you while and when they see a message of desperate dissappointed ,but meself would like to point out the cause of the msihap.
If I console you, you may find comfort can lead you eventually to optimism, if I be just to your context no matter what ever the consequences might spoil your relation ship with your life partner
so the best for the leaf and thorn is to never collide each other ,keep distance in between do not express your apprehension as well as just ignore it , its quite negligible ,take the life how it comes?
if you find this thought not attractive ,and if you really need a discussion to solve or to resolve drop a email
Best regards
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