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Small Lump Above Belly Button.

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okay, i feel really weird talking about this. i always think something is wrong with me and this is starting to bother me. i have a small lump above my belly button, you cant see it or anything but one day i was talking about getting my belly button peiced and i felt the skin where you would get it done and i noticed that there was a a kind of hard/squishy lump about the size of a dime there. it doesnt hurt at all but its there. could this be cancer? or just nothing to worry about.?
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First Helper whoaz21

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replied August 17th, 2007
You could possobly have a small cyst or tumor there. It would be worth checking out, the earlier the better. I'd like to find out either way, if its something or nothing.........if it were to be something else, at least you have caught it in the early stages. Probably noting more than scar tissue or soemthing minor........but, its better to be safe than sorry!
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replied December 31st, 2011
I've got the same thing. Feels weird. What did yours turn out to be?
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