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Symptoms After Surgery For a Blocked Sinus

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It's about a symptom that my dad has had for over a month now. My dad had suffered from facial swelling, numbness, acute pain around the sinus, and pressure on an eye for about a month. After taking a CAT scan, It turned out that all the symptoms were caused by a blocked sinus, which was full and pushing up and down the sinus. But, my dad's doctor didn't exactly know why the sinus was blocked. Anyways, the doctor performed a surgery to remove the blockage, and it's been about 3 weeks after the surgery. The doctor says the surgery was successful, but My dad keeps feeling a little bit of numbness, and occasional acute pain. And also, he still feels the water flowing or draining around the sinus area, which he used to feel before the surgery. So he thinks that the surgery was not very successful, and something is wrong. I and my dad have talked to the doctor about it, but the doctor keeps saying that it's a just recovering process. But what concerns me and my dad is that the doctor who performed the surgery had no idea what exactly caused the symptoms when he tried to analyze the result from a CAT scan. So we would be grateful if you could help us find out what's really going on.

Thank you.


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