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Legs And Arms Numbness, Tingling And Bad Circulation

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I've had numbness in my legs for a while but it would usually happen from sitting or laying down for too long. Now it's gotten to be much more often. I lay down just for 10 minutes and my legs go numb and tingly.

Lately my feet are always cold and my circulation seems really bad. Right now using my laptop on a table my arms are uncomfortable and getting tingly. I'm getting really frustrated and my dr won't see me until September.

Additionally you should know that I have the Mirena (got it a few months ago). I'm also on Adderall (for ADD) and Spironolactone. I get a lot of boils on my butt and groin area. I've almost completely stopped having any sugar because it makes me so dizzy and sick. I am overweight by 60 lbs and can't seem to lose it but I go to the gym and try to eat well.

Any help would be extremely appreciated.
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First Helper morgul

replied August 1st, 2010
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