I'm new here ... jus happen to find it while googling.

I'm 20 and have been diagnoised with Lupus for about 3 years now.

I have a mild form in my joints. Mostly just my fingers and sometimes my knees.

In Nov. of last year I was diagnoised with Fibromyalgia (sp?) and then in December I got the flu and therefore stop taking my medicine because I wasn't keeping them down, and it caused a flair up. I was in and out of the hospital the whole month of December, and finally started getting better after Christmas.

Anyway, since then things have been okay.

Recently, I got a crick in my neck which moved itself down to my shoulder. Someone told me it was a pinched nerve, so I had been putting icy hot on it and it's going away. But for the past 3 days or so my spleen has been really bothering me.

Is this a part of the Lupus? a friend told me the pain feels worse because I have Lupus. Has anyone experiences this before? Should I be alarmed? I have a Dr. appt. next month so it won't be too long.

any suggestions? or tips of getting rid of the pain?

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First Helper SassySpacey

replied August 16th, 2010
left side of my rib cage pains and i feel very cool which is not the case before
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