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unprotected oral sex with a sex worker: symptoms, in fear ..

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i had unprotected oralsex with a sex worker 50 days ago , well i was worried coz the nextday i had extreme pain in my abdomen ,well it went off the next day but i noticed some pain in my ears after 2 weeks , i went to a doctor and he said its otitis externa i used to get frequesnt dizziness , later on i went back to the doctor he said ur otitis externa is over but now u have otitis media , and had a swollen lymph node in my nech behind my jaw , it was painful but it was the size of a pea and its still there hasnt gone yet , its not appearing unless i check it with my fingers , and was worried about my tongue coz it has some fungus infection , but it isnt hairy and it goes and comes , also the doc said its not candida , sometimes my temp feel abit warm but i am not feeling a fever like dizziness i also had nasal gongestion , runny nose and a bit fever for 1 day due to flu after 4 weeks of this incident , i did a blood test for hiv and hcv aswell after 45 days and they both came back negative , in egypt the percentage of hiv is very very low (something like 1% ) anyway do i have to worry anymore ? please answer me quick coz i have been feeling in fear for 50 days . i sleep too much , i cant work , i eat too much (more like developing something mental).

i also want to mention something too , i am having my wisdom molars coming out , may be this is a reason for some of the things i am having especially the pain that sometimes happen (in the pea sized lymph node) Sad
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replied August 14th, 2007
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You could try testing again six months after the encounter just to be on the safe side, but it really does not sound like you have much to worry about. Smile
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