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Hoping to Ease My Mind ; Bouncing Between Hiv And Mono

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I'm 21, male and in a bit of a bind. I have a meeting with my doctor in a few days, but I'm hoping to ease my mind a bit. Around a month and a half ago I received my first symptom, which was oral thrush. It was diagnosed by 2 doctors as not thrush in the first weeks.. but rather by one as "Not even qualifying as a bacterial infection" and by the other as a "Geographic problem". Well, I'm going back and I can almost guarantee it's thrush at this point. I went through another 2 weeks with what I'd describe as a lasting cold.. and I've to this point retained the cough although it's only at a fraction of its prior strength. My strength has slowly been sapped, some days being worse than others. Only recently have my lymph nodes in my neck become swollen. I understand that self-diagnosis isn't the way to go, but I tend to look at the bad side of things and until I learned of mono I was signing myself off to HIV. Just in the past few days my muscles have become soar, and I understand that both HIV and mono share this, but I believe my spleen is swollen. It's pretty sad when you're hoping for an enlarged spleen.

Symptoms I don't have are diarrhea, and nausea. I also believe that I'm not losing weight, or have loss of appetite. I'm unsure if I'm bruising easily, but if asked I'd probably say no. I've done as much research on both ailments and am stuck. On one side thrush isn't that common for Mono as far as I can tell through use of the internet, but is it the first symptom of HIV? Do any organs enlarge with the first symptoms of HIV?

For the record and for further detail, I'm straight and I don't do drugs. I would be worried about HIV because my previous girlfriend and I broke up due to the fact that she was doing drugs and not telling me, which is where my concerns arose.

I doubt from what I can say that I'll be able to get any definitive comfort.. but if anyone has any incite that I'm overlooking, I'm open to anything at this point.
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