first off, i would like to thank everyone involved in making/maintaining this forum, ever since i found this site, i put at least 3 hours/day of trying to educate myself on so many subjects that involves my health.
i'm 33 male, been having stomach pain since i was 22, it started with ulcers, i did lot of test, endoscopy, colonscopy, breath test, and lately i did the celiac disease test.
i was diagnosed with the h-pylori twice already. the last time, it was about 7 months ago, and after taking the medication, waited 2 months then did the breath test again and i was tested negative.

about 3 yrs ago, i was diagnosed with IBS, had to give up so many food, but that is ok, i gave up coffee, tea, and anything that have caffeine, lately i even stopped drinking milk since it is causing me lots of gas/bloatiness. I even had to give up my main weakness, which is sweet, i did cut my sweet eating habit drastically.
another problem i had was my frequent visit to the washroom, but after stopping caffiene, that helped a lot.

i do work out at least 4 times/week, i'm healthy, but i think many times before i eat anything. for the past 9 months, bloating is something that doesnt leave me, i would say 90% of the times I'm bloated, i'm will get blaoted to a point, my pants won't buckle.
I went to see my doc, she mentioned this is normal for IBS patients and i should get used to it. she gave me dicetel but never helped.

i went to a health store, i explained my situation, i was planning on colon cleansing, the lady i spoke with suggested that since i dont have constipation, "i'm more to the diheara" side, i start with "probiotics" the good bacteria.
i dont know, i'm hesitant about this subject, since a while back i tried activia for 2 weeks and that gave me lots of problems.
i wonder if anyone here tried this probiotics and whether it helped or not.
i do my best to stay away from fat, wheat and rice, even though i tested -ve for celiac, eating those items makes me bloated right away.
so here i'm posting my first post, hoping that someone will be able to shed some light on this topic.

thanks in advance.
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replied May 23rd, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
Hi there.
I too take probiotics. I too have colon problem ei..(colitis and two diverticuli) and have problems to this day. You probably already know that the "pylorus" is the pathway of a very small piece of intestine that goes from the estophgus to the stomach. I am very aware and updated on "Pyloric Stenosis" and the food not being able to get to the stomach when you even eat at a slow pace.
Personally (if you have'nt already) I would take this up with your doctor and go from there. Sounds like you are indeed getting enough fiber.
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