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Nausea After Eating

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(I have also posted this on the bile duct disorder forum)

Hi there! Im a brand new member to these forums.

I joined in a slight panic about stomach pains ive been suffering after eating, which I havn't a clue what could be the matter, but its pain enough to make me unhappy Sad

Its a combination of nausea and cramps. Nausea in my stomach and pain just all around my abdomen. Im getting it as I type this... and there is more of pain slightly on the right hand side of my stomach? I think anyway! I didnt experience it on one side yesterday, and the pains kinda just shoot or come up where they please. I havnt actually vomitted or anything. I can get abit hot and sweaty (but that might just be me fretting!) and I belch more... otherwise I feel normal.

Its not after everything I eat. The larger the meal the more it hurts. Little things I eat dont cause any discomfort, and nor do drinks. I feel as though ive lost my appitite, but still force myself to eat, because im quite underweight.

I dont think im pregnant, but I cant rule that out completely :/

Im going to my doctors tomorrow morning to get it checked out... I broused a little for answers earlier but didnt really get any contructive information. Just confusion... and a few causes that could be very serious that got me scared.

I really dont think its stress-related at all... though now im stressed about this I know the feelings will be alot worse.

Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?

Thank you all
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replied September 4th, 2007
Hey Nicotine,

I wish I could just gie you a stright answer to your issue but nausea is so common with so many diffrent variations its really hard to tell what would be best without any test being run. I would ask your doc to request a CT Scan (CAT Scan) with and without IV contrass. It pretty much maps out your stomach for them and they can see if there is anything wrong such as ulcers, reflux, stones, ect. As for me I have the same issue I am always nauseas, barely hungry , and I get shooting pain now and then in my upper abdomen. I have been on so many meds its sad i think I have taken at least everything in stock in walgreens' pharmacy for nausea and nothing the only thing that helps the slightest bit is actually marijuana. i know its a bit odd to hear so but I never even use to smoke until they told me it helps nausea. I tried it once and now I smoke about twice weekly to help with nausea and it does ALOT. try it out and let me know how it helps
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replied March 7th, 2009
Gall Bladder or Stomatch related problem
It could be definetly to do with gall bladder problems like stones, As I went throught the same I had massive pain one and went vomitting and than discovered that there was gall stones when examined by doc.Or It can be stomach acidity, ulcer etc..
Best thing to do is visit a doctor and he will do the needfull.
Never Panic.Nothing can be done unless u get checked.And thankfully everything will have a solution..
Good Luck!!
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replied March 18th, 2009
Foods may affect your GI Tract
I have been experiencing the same problems, minus the abdominal pain. I usually get it at night time. I was told it was acid reflux and should try sitting up when I sleep. But the problem was I wasn't laying down when I would feel it. Finally a doctor told me it was most likely my GI Tract. First try decreasing the amount of greasy foods as well as caffeine intake. Also cut back on sweets, icluding sweet tea or soda. Im not saying cut them out completely but dwindle the amount. After a few weeks if nothing has changed, then ask your doctor and ask him to check out ur GI. It may be deeper than foods. I unfortuntly have not been able to go back, so I am still suffering. Good Luck to you, I hope this is helpful.
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replied January 2nd, 2010
I get more or less the same thing, when i eat i cramp, sometimes my stomach is completely hard and i can feel it from the outside. i get waves of nausea too. I find that it is worse when i have my period as it adds to my normal period pain in my back (but i had never had stomach cramps before this) but i can't find method to the madness. It doesn't matter what i eat, or when i eat it. it comes and goes as it pleases. Any answers from your doctors appointment?
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replied February 28th, 2010
Hi there, I have been suffering from the same basic issues... for me it started about 7 years ago. It began as just stomach upset when I would eat and ended up actually getting to a point where I was getting sick every time I would eat anything, and the pain could be unbarable at times. I also went to seek advice from many doctors and have tried every type of perscription and non as well... also have tried homeopathic treatments and still nothing. I had basically only been able to keep soup and milk down anything else would just come back up on me. it hit a point where I just gave up on trying to even attempt to eat... I went from 158lb to 110lb I was so scared my dad started to question if I had an eating disorder... about 5 years ago a friend of mine about suggested that I try smoking marijuana, after the first time I noticed within an hour I had an appetite... and after eating I felt absolutely no nausea whatsoever... I am not saying that its a cure all but for the last few years as long as I remain mindful not to do it too often it has been the only thing that has allowed me to eat food, and get back to a healthy weight again. I still seek a true cure to my problem but for now I don't suffer like I did b4.

hope all gets better for everyone Smile
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replied April 24th, 2010
Nausea after eating
I have had nausea for the past two years after eating. It is not constant but I did notice the worst time is during ovulation. If I eat a large meal I immediately feel nauseous, my mouth starts to salivate really bad and I either throw up or lay down until the feeling passes because if I do get up I will throw up. I have also noticed diet soda with a meal with definitely bring on an attack. The only diet soda I can stand is Diet Dr Pepper. I had a bad attack a week ago after eating at a Japanese steak house in which the meal consisted of alot of protien. I just had a CT scan a few days ago and they said it came back normal although I just knew it was my gallbladder. I am getting a second opinon on the results. If anyone has had a diagnosis for this please share your info because I feel like I keep hitting dead ends. I have been to the Dr numerous times only to be blown off.

Thank you!
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replied June 17th, 2010
nausea after eating?
Hello All, I have been getting really bad bouts of nausea after eating. It doesn't matter what or when I eat. Now it's not every day, but it comes about every 3 days. I have had endoscopy's and other really uncomfortable procedures done and nothing ever shows up. I went on a very plain diet. No spices no flavor and it was ok for about 3 days so I tried to add some flavor and did ok. but suddenly it came back with a vengeance. So once again, bland diet. Then today I ate taco bell and am fine. What the heck? I refuse to believe that having another expensive uncomfortable test done will show anything so does anyone have any suggestions?
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replied August 7th, 2010
I've been going through something similar to what has been told in this thread.. any suggestions? Acne No More Review
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replied May 16th, 2011
chronic nausea could mean GASTROPARESIS
if your stomach isnt emptying correctly, nausea after eating and abdominal pain and back pains can plague you. this is a gastric disorder that is horrid, and its called gastroparesis. -- there are also many issues that can be developed if this is your problem... bacterial overgrowth can occurr as a result of your food sitting in the stomach too long, or masses, called bezoars that become hard, and can cause pain and chronic issues.

if you are suffering from these symptoms you might need do talk to a GI doctor or your primary care and do a gastric emptying test... you eat a radioactive egg or egg sandwich and they montitor the emptying of your food and see if you are emptying slowly.... a 4 hour test can best determine gastroparesis, a 1 hour test isnt sufficient enough.

there are various medications from reglan, remeron, and domperidone (not fda approved) to help empty - however they might not get rid of chronic nausea and stomach pain, even though they are to help your food move past the pyloric valve into the small intestine for the next phase of digestion... zofran is used for nausea, but doesnt all the time work ......

there are also gastric pacemakers made by medtronic that are similar to a heart pacemaker that help stimulate the stomach so it is churning correctly..and help to alleviate or possibly even eliminate nausea (the worst symptom other than chronic vomiting - which can lead to malnutrition)

another issue that could cause chronic nausea is low stomach acid....low HCL can cause many many things... google that as well

hope this helps..
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replied December 26th, 2012
Why are people on the Internet so stupid as to not answer the actual question. The original posters said that he/she got sick after eating large meals.. Most of the replies say, "I have the same thing. I get sick everytime I eat."

Can people please pay attention, learn to read and stop always thinking of themselves. This sounds like gall bladder. The poster also mentioned sweating which is also another gall bladder symtom.
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