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Swollen Veins Underneath Tongue (Page 2)

January 26th, 2015
Re: Swollen Veins Underneath Tongue
bennyjaq wrote:
hey, okay i dont know the proper name for this, so i'll describe it, the two ball type veins underneath my tongue were swollen and a long white sharp pointy thing came out of one, it was there for a few hours. I was sent to hospital and the nurses and doctors said that they had never seen or heard of it before. It went away right in front of their eyes, and all the doctors did was give me headache pills.
That was 3yrs ago, now a few months ago underneath my tongue and down my neck would feel like the muscles were freezing up and pulling, and I had feared it was going to happen again.
And sure enough a few days ago it did, and went away, but now the vein under my tongue on the right side is swelled up and has a white large spot, and it is painfully down my neck also.

pls help, do I go back to the hospital that dont know what it is, or will it go away??? Sad

I am 24 I just registered when I finally seen this problem (no one else has had or can give me info on) that is so weird they don't know anything about it? this has been giving me problems for a long time, feels just like a wasp got caught under tongue, that is the only way I can explain the pain, it really hurts, goes away, I never see nothing, almost 8 years ago when this was occurring randomly I went and could not swallow without it hurting, and like you goes to throat now, they took out my tonsils and for 3 years this awful reoccurring sensation was gone, but it has came and went, and sometimes just (feels like) around lymph node area is swollen and hurts, what is this, have you heard anything or felt it again, also it seems at random times i can make it occur when i press tongue down, those ball type things feel they opened up and sting like crazy, been happening again for a few years now again
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replied June 13th, 2015
Hey, I have this problem too! What I found out to do was just to like a jog in a spot and it should fix the problem oha nd drink water... I am a child 9-14 But yeah It aches, It randomly happens I think it is because you are worrying about something. Hope this helps!
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replied April 3rd, 2017
I just found Salivary Duct Stones. Calcium blocks the ducts going under the tongue. Like Kidney Stones, they can break up and pass on their own, or you might need help from your doctor. Quite a few things can cause them, including some medications. If any of you have been experiencing very thick/dry saliva, that seems to tell you that it is this condition.

I have been googling on and off for months now, but until today, I could not find anything. Thanks to the person who put the NIH link up!
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