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My Daughter is suffering from bulimia ! How to help her ?

My daughter is 17 now and has suffered with bulimia since she was 13. She has been in three inpatient hospitals and is still suffering from this horrible disease. I don't know how to help her. I've tried everything from ignoring the sound of the flushing toilet...the running water...the sad and lost eyes of shame when she leaves the bathroom...or comes in from outside where she has purged behind a bush or tree to being strict with her and putting her on a 2 hour line of sight after her dinner meal. But none of that is helping her and I feel like their is this enourmous dragon that sits in the middle of our so mean that we have to walk around it in fear of getting to close...cant touch it or talk to it or see it because it will attack if we do.

I don't know how to help her and I fear for her...I see the chills on her body when it is 80 degrees out and the hollow look under her eyes...the mood swings and anxiety where she chews huge sores in her mouth.

How do I, as her mother, help her? How do I not see the dragon and just see my little girl again when I look at her?
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replied August 13th, 2007
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Re: My Daughter

i would advice to invite her for a journey to asia, europe, south america, india, caucasus. There she will have a possibility to taste some strange cousine... or at least see that food is a part of culture not just smth u purge. also she needs to realize that people in general enjoy life and food and nevertheless what their weight is they love life. Life is not like a TV advertisement, selebrating just 90/60/90.

Most important is to make her understand that she is beautiful and that u love her notwithstanding the fact that she purges.
My mom has ED, but i love and dont blame her in my having ED. it could happen to anyone.
A desire to be perfect is good, your daughter just does not know how to make it right, dont blame her for that.
Here all of us are like that.

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replied August 13th, 2007
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I feel for you. It really does suck, eating disorders pull you in and its really hard to get out of that downward spiral, how was she after she got out of inpatient? Did she continue therapy weekly when she got out of the hospital. Its scary becayse one day out of nowhere this disease can kill her. I am hoping she has continued therapy. Have you taken her to get her vitamin levels checked? IF all her levels are really off they will want her to be admitted again. sometimes it takes time a friend of mine has been in about 4-6 treatment facitilies and just got out early this year and so far is diong good and realizing that life is to good to be miserable, and food is fuel and good for you not evil and there is sooo much to be happy about, Then you look back and realize how miserable you were once your down the road far enough to recovering that is t. It kinda makes u think why did i do that? and you dont wanna go down that road again.
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