I am a 24 years old male located in india with a normal lifestyle
pattern , diet well balanced without any habit of smoking /alcohol consumption nor any medical record . I do indulge in light workouts almost daily. Since past 1-2 years I have observed that my hand
size has decreased along with some swelling on my fingers
(on the side opposite to that of my palm)(especially on my lower middle finger) of the left hand alone.
And the worst problem I am facing is that my hands start to tremble when I encounter any stresful situation which leads to embarrassment.
Why does this happen ?
What might be the possible reason for this?
Please suggest me with an suitable solution in form of exercise or diet
(ie in the form of fruits and vegetables) as frequent occurrence of such situation annoys me.

Waiting for your valuable reply.

Thanking you
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replied March 18th, 2004
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Hi vikaghi,

firstly you have probably extended your life about an extra 10 years by choosing not to smoke and consume alcohol. It is not unusual for the hands to decrease in size if you have taken up an excercise or fitness program. With any type of regular workout, you will loose weight and start to build muscle. You did mention swelling in your fingers, is this swelling painful ?? If it feels that you have an aching type of pain where the swelling is, I would suggest that you may be developing arthritis in your fingers. Especially if you have a job where it involves a lot of use of the hands, such as using computers, or any other type of repetitive use of the fingers.

The trembling sensation you are experiencing in your hands when in a stressful situation sounds as though it is a case of mild anxiety. Do you get nervous when you talk to people or a group of people ? Is there anything you fear such as snakes, going out in public, talking to someone of the opposite sex, heights etc. ? Do you experience any symptoms at the same time other than hands trembling ?

You sound very intelligent, and are quite concerned with your health which I must congratulate you on as many people are not.

Good luck.
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replied March 19th, 2004
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I agree you have been doing all the right things, but that doesn't mean you can't develop some mild anxiety issues.

This can happen at any time of life no matter how healthy you are & it can be caused by sooooooooooo many things (past events - even ones you don't recall - & present ones). So as was asked above: are there particular times of day or ocassions when this happens?? Does it happen after eating any particular food (i doubt this but am asking in case of an allergy which may have developed?)?

If you'er suffering anxiety due to particular situations (social, work, family, - one thing for me is plants - love them but become almost unable to move etc if I get too close) or in relation to certain issues - at 24 I imagine your family may be putting pressure on you to settle down & provide grandchildren etc etc (we parnets can be a real pain in that respect!!). Anyway if the anxiety is anything like this you need to work through your feeling as to cause(s) & come to an acceptance (i just stay away from plants!!) &/or compromise &/or see a counsellor.

However if the anxiety is stronger or you can't relate it to any of the above i'd try anti-stress medications (natural ones so relax!!!!) like 5htp (tryptophan), sam-e, vitamin b's & st johns wort etc. You can go on the net to a search engine like google.Com & check these out for yourself.

One last thing to consider is whether maybe you are eating too much of a particular food (nut, fruit, dairy etc) & that that is causing the shaking. Again unlikely but it would be worth considering again go to the net & check say ; foods that can cause hands to shake, or side effects of eating too much of certain foods start there & consider what foods you eat most.
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