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Why Havent I Got Pregnant Someone Tell Me What I Need to Do

wut up yall, Lately my boyfriend and i have been tryin to have a baby and has yet to succeed. Sometimes I remember having sex all month long trying to hit that special moment but never did. At that time I wasnt as educated about ovulation. It's really hard to say exactly how long we have tried b/c after i try for one month and my period comes on I give up. I probably wait about 2 mo. and begin having baby fever all over again. It's so frustrating to see everyone around us having babies, especially the ones who dont even take care of there children. Right now I just found out that my best friend who i call my sista is pregnant and i want this to be an experience that go through together. So if you have any helpful tips please please get back to me asap!!!!
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replied August 12th, 2007
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It can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive. If you have been trying faithfully for over a year you should go ahead and see your ob/gyn for some bloodwork and testing. Also, you may want to try ovulation predictor kits to pinpoint your most fertile days.
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