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Whats Wrong With Me - I am always tired and sleepy ???

Is there sumthin wrong with me?
Yes, your going to die
Yes, but its curable, you probably have to get some pills.
No, i dunno
No, just fix your habits and try some home remedies
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ok schools about to start and i need this problem solves fast...
I dont know how to say this so ill break it down...

Ive had this problem for hmm 3+ years, been getting worse since.
I am always tired and sleepy.
When its night i go 2 sleep at 11ish but i wont fall asleep until 1-3ish.
I really can stay awake till 8-9 in the morning.
If i do sleep i can sleep for 16 hours plus.
Even after a good sleep i never feel fresh.
My bio clock is really messed up i think its a 36 hours clock or something.

my sced during school days...
wake up at 6 am totally unfresh
sleepy all the way till 7 pm. i feel like i can jump around and run around this time.
then im not sleepy but i try to sleep at 11.
Dont fall asleep till 1-3a.m.

During the summer hell breaks loose...
Wake up at 12 pm.
tired and sleepy the whole day until 9 pm.
energetic until ohh 12-2 a.m. (like right now)
then i go 2 sleep anytime between 3-8 am.
Sleep for 12-13 hours so i mite wake up at 4 pm the next day.
doesnt make sense to me. plz help
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replied September 9th, 2007
Have you been feeling depressed?
Since its been going on for so long, its most likely your health. Anyways, just ask your doctor, you should get some blood work done.
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replied November 18th, 2007
i have the same problem. all my uncles have too much iron levels and have to give a pint a blood once a week. my mum was tested and her iron levels are fine. but i think i have the problem that they have. im going to go to the doctors in a few days and have a see what they think about this. will keep you posted
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replied November 19th, 2007
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I'd suggest you stay away from TV, the computer, or homework at least 3 hours before you want to fall asleep. All that stimulus could be doing you in. If youre not ready for a change in lifestlye, get jacked up on coffee! It's what everyone else is doing anyways.
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replied November 20th, 2007
I hear where you are coming from! I get the Ive just had a sleep study done to rule out sleep apnea and to see what kind of quality sleep i get. Cos its the quality of sleep not the quantity that counts.
Im still waiting for my results. Keep me posted and Ill do the same
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replied November 28th, 2007
Always Sleepy
Sounds to me like you have Narcolepsy.It's common in young people and generally passes with age. There is a remedy which I found is very helpful-it's not a total cure but it makes it manageable until you get over it.
It's called Provigil and can be ordered online-which is cheaper as well as convenient. Go to and they'll show you how to order.
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