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Ridiculously Bad Pot Trip

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So... i've been smoking since i was teenager, and have had 'too much' weed before, with panic attacks, but very few and far between... i've also had pot cookies, brownies, etc and some have been stronger than others...

But... the last time i had brownies i made and had a tiny amount of the finished product, just to test... and had the worst trip i've ever had... i'm wondering if anyone can guess what it was laced with, if it was laced...

ate a TBSP of it, an hour later i was shaking, contracting, vision was blurred, voices were hard to hear, including mine, i sounded like i was in a bubble... i kept telling myself, calm down, just ride this out... it lasted WELL into the next day... i was calm, but i had a pounding headache as well as urges to curl up.. any walking or activity and i was reeling...

like i said, i was no first timer, and had never had this issue ever before... maybe laced?? i dunno... bad trip = BLECH.... =(
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replied August 11th, 2007
Extremely eHealthy
Beings i have never "tripped" off of weed my guess is that it was laced. I had a really bad experience with weed the very last time i ever smoked. That was over 7 years ago. Right before i got pregnant the first time. I smoked it, and then my friends left and i was stuck at this house with this guy. Come to find out it was laced with coke. And to this day i can't smoke because i get that same feeling i had that one time. Even with drinking. I have not drank in about 7 years either. Number one cause of my family, and i don't want my daughter in that kind of surroundings, but cause i get that same crazy feeling. I don't know how to get rid of it. But I would like to have a beer, or two every now and then. ( after the baby of course Very Happy )
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replied February 7th, 2010
I used to smoke weed now and then on ocasions, the first 2 times I smoked weed it gave me a nice feeling and I coudn't stop laughing.
but then the third time I had a Strange feeling.
Everething didn't look real it was just like I was in a dream. My reactions where very slow and I was Shaking all the time.
it was a horrible feeling but the next day it was over.
from then on I didn't smoke weed for about 6 months.
then I gave it an other try but the bad trip happend again but less worse. after that I smoked weed a couple of times but I never had a good feeling again (exept for once). The last time I smoked weed was the worsed time.
I had the same feeling as the first time i had a bad trip but then 10 times worse.
I was shaking realy bad and my hart was pumping realy realy fast and hard.
I had chestpain and, I had sore arms and my hands were cold. after 30 minutes someone took me to the hospital.
I almost past out a few times and when we arrived in the E.R. They gave my al sortes of thing in my vains.
none of them worked and they decided to gave me a meddicine for people with a weak hart.
the next they I was better but still it was the worsed experience of my live. I haven't smoked weed since then.
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replied February 20th, 2011
I had that exact same feeling last time I toked, although I'm a bit new (I've been smoking a gram a day for about a month) last week I decided to take a stimulant, as well as my daily dose of adderall, and then smoked about 3 grams of dank weed covered in hash oil. During the peak it was so bad I couldn't even recognize my friends sister, and I couldn't talk without yelling. I didn't feel normal till about 24 hours later.
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