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Am I At Risk For Long term Sundamage ?

I apply sunblock religiously everytime I go out and am in the shade for most of the time when I go out.

But heres my paranoia:

My room faces the morning sun. The only thing filtering the sun out is two thin sheets of a curtain type thing. My room is still fairly bright with sunlight with this however. How much at risk am I? I sleep in alot so I get bathed in that light for 1-2 hours maybe even more depending on time of year.
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replied August 11th, 2007
Hi there, I guess you could call me Queen of Melanoma! Do you have fair skin, light color or red hair, have you ever had any serious sunburn throughout childhood? Do you ever sun bath or get in a tanning bed? If you answered YES to any of these, you are more prone to get any form of skin cancer than others. I have had so many places removed and actually had malignant melanoma and lymph nodes removed 8 years ago. As for your room, can you not get a room darkening shade for your windows? You can buy these fairly cheap and it would keep out the harmful rays whenever you wanted to eliminate the light. Or, you could alwasy tack up a dark colored sheet/blanket or even hang different heavy type lined curtains over your windows. Hope I've helped! Cool
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