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PCOS and ttc! Some One Help?

Crying or Very sad I have been trying for about three years. The Doctor put me on clomid three cycles ago I don't know what else to do I want a child of my own so bad and my husband does not want to keep trying and going through the disappointment because I am so hurt once I get my monthly
Some one help I have PCOS and I don't know any one with this who has children any advice or things I can do that mit help?
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replied August 11th, 2007
hello, i to have pcos and have been diagnosised at 18 im now 33 and will be trying to conceive next spring after my wedding, but ive been reading about it for years, please go to this site is wonderful and supportive, informative, and everyone there has pco and has been through so much, please don't give up on trying to conceive, stay positive! there is also some peoples stories on there that will really encourage you! ive recently bought, pcos for dummies! a great book, and very helpful and easy to understand! . feel free to pm me if you would like to talk! and do go to soulcysters , if only for information!!!
Wishing you the very best!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~
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replied August 17th, 2007
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Have you tried Metformin? A combination of Metformin and Clomid worked for me. I am not insulin resistant but my doctor thought we should try it. It completely regulated my cycles and after a few months we added in Clomid. Second cycle with both worked for me.
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