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Interesting Bites ... itchy small bumps with a white middle

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I am finding these interesting bites on my ankles and its spreading slowly upward and down to my feet (even on my toes). I've even found some on my arms and other various places through-out the day.
I figured fleas... none on any of the animals according to the vet and they haven't had fleas for as long as i remember...
I thought bed-bugs.. but i don't see any.. I've washed the sheets and such too in hot-hot water to help it and vacuumed the bed and such and no luck on anything found... i even waited until between 3am and 6am to see if they would show up just in case...
they itch like made and the cream isn't working... any ideas? these are the best pictures i could get too so sorry if there aren't a lot... they show up as small bumps with a white middle. akycuteness/DSCF1325.jpg akycuteness/DSCF1324.jpg akycuteness/DSCF1355.jpg akycuteness/DSCF1362.jpg
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replied August 10th, 2007
These bites look almost exactly like the bites I have been getting around my ankles. I do not get them on my feet or up my legs just around the ankles. It reminds me of a mosquito bite. You dont feel it bite you, it just itches horribly after the fact. I have two cats, they are indoor cats and I have searched them high and low for fleas. If anyone knows what these bites look like please PLEASE respond. Sneaky you arent alone.
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replied September 30th, 2011
My method found by following several suggestions
Well I read everything here and elsewhere online because I had the same syptoms. I used Benedril to no avail. Chlorox wipes worked! but bites kept reappearing so I bought a flea and bedbug spray and did the following:took two or three showers a day. Pillows and bedding in the dryer,then used the spray on walls, floorboards, carpet and bed everyday before leaving for work. In the evening I sprayed the floor and seat of the vehicle. This done everyday until the can is used up kills any eggs, insects, hatching insects etc. All gone! Thank you all.
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replied September 4th, 2008
Me too!
Your pictures have dissappeared i cant see how similar mine are...

saturday i was out in the woods for around 5 or 6 hours, and monday in an open field the entire day (open as in clay ground. no bushes or trees or grass)

monday night i noticed small red bumps appearing around my ankles, every day since they have spread, my ankles now have around 50 each, and they are sprinkled up my legs. Its now thursday.
This morning, i pulled a bug out of one of the bites. He was extremely small, and upon further examination, found one more crawling over my skin.

The bites itch like crazy!!! My leg feels like it crawling!

How did you get rid of yours? Do you have any advice?
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replied September 15th, 2008
Sneaky, you described the exact bites i am experiencing. I have small, white, itchy bites with no evidence of an actual bug. We don't have any fleas in our house, we have washed our bedding over and over, vacuumed and even bombed our bedroom but still have these bites, did you ever find out what they are? Please, any help from someone would be GREAT!!

signed, itching!
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replied June 27th, 2009
bug bites on feet have no clue what they are
i believe i have the same its 344 and i am still getting bit but cant find any bugs.when i scratch them they have clear liquid in them but if i try to squeeze it out it just gets worse feels like misquote but kinda like fleas too.i get misquote bites all over these are on feet caves and toes
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replied July 20th, 2009
Probably chiggers
if you have been in the woods or grassy areas, it's probably chiggers. I have had them, they will itch for about a week and then begin to subside.
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replied December 1st, 2009
Thrips: another possibility
Like the "probably chiggers" comment, it could also be caused from thrips. Although if you're having multiple bites, especially in your house, I'd rule it out.

After being bitten several times on my back one night, which left small red itchy spots, I spent the next night searching my room for any insects. I couldn't find any, but then, right on my pillow, I saw a friggen bug! Mind you, this was at about 1 a.m. I put it in a container then started googling bug images. While it looked like it could have been a bed bug, it appeared more slender than that. I just wasn't sure and went to bed with my lights on. The next day, I looked at the bug again. It was on its back, and I seen that it had wings.

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replied October 1st, 2014
White/red bites that itch like crazy!!
Since this was 2009, has anyone found a solution? Its not mosquitoes because its under my socks. I have sprayed bug spray, wore those repellent bracelets, then last chance -I rubbed a dryer sheet all over my legs and arms, where I usually get bitten, then at lunchtime, had a bite on my finger and 2 under my socks on my feet, where one had to have either crawled in my sock or my shoe one. I wish I could figure out how to get rid of them they are driving me itchin crazy!!!
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