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How to Get Rid of the Pains??

this feels very bad, Im always hungry it wont go away. Ill eat and a few minutes later its back im not over weight or anything im very small im 23yrs old. its very annoying is there anyway top get rid of this..its been happening for about two weeks or so. I cant take this i want to feel normal again! I' ve tried drinking water to get rid of the hunger but it doesnt work...(and most days i feel very tiired and sleepy) if u would suggest im pregnant i took a test about a week ago to be sure it showed up NOt preg)
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replied August 10th, 2007
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Re: How to Get Rid of the Pains??
first of all congrats that you are satisfyed with your body. here we are peoplewith eating disorders.

i myself was anorexic and bulemic for long time. i understand what you mean, if you restrict yourslf to a diet than you get empty stomack feelings. if you are not on a diet than you may have some excess acid or some trouble with your stomack so dont hesitate to see your therapist.

if every things ok then you may be eating stuff lacking fiber. eat more fruit and salad.
and here is my recipe of a very wise drink. it is filling more then a water or juice and has almost very small kcal, but is tasty and refreshing

half glass 1% natural yougurt half glass sparkling mineral water. shake well (in south caucasus people drink it).

drink it when you get a hunger attack and have a feeling you would eat a cow in one bite. the effect is better having a juice.

be careful if you have some stomack problems you should drink this shake with a teespoon honey: shake yougurt mineral water and honey.

be healthy
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