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Watery bowel movement and Weird Stuff In Feces!

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This morning I had a somewhat watery bowel movement. I noticed that there were some lighter-colored object in the feces and looked more closely.

Best I can explain it is that it looked like large light-red kidney beans (or perhaps the actual peanut from a boiled peanut). It was smooth and bean-shaped (and sized).

I haven't eaten any beans in several days, and certainly haven't eaten any whole!

I thought it might be gall stones (someone told me they pass with our feces), but the pics I saw on Google do not indicate such uniformity of size and shape.

There were several of these "beans," all roughly identical.

Any ideas???

Thank you!
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replied September 26th, 2007
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Could be parasites. Can go in for a test yet is may not show up. It wouldn't hurt to do a colon cleanse program. There are several on the market, I personally have had great results with drnatura's colonix. You could also consult with a naturopath if you are not getting answers from your doctor. Good luck. Let us know what it ended up being.
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replied June 6th, 2008
Did you ever find out what was causing that because I am having the exact same thing happen to me.
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replied August 11th, 2009
light-colored, kidney bean shaped pieces in bowel movement?
Think I finally have the answer (at least for me) to this. I take various pills each morning including several that look like a kidney bean. I read on another site that it could be a large enteric-coated pill that somehow makes it through both intestines while various "new coatings" adhere to it. This makes perfect sense to me as it never occurred before I started taking these pills.
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