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What to Post/What not to Post in the ED Forum

Welcome to eHealthForum's Eating Disorders Forum. Here you can find help and support you need to fight your Eating Disorder, or to help someone you know who may be suffering from one. The members are quite helpful and will gladly answer any of your questions surrounding EDs, from anorexia to Compulsive Over Eating. This is primarily a recovery forum for the support and discussion of Eating Disorders. Although we will not try to force anyone to recover here, recovery should and will be encouraged at all times.

What to Post:

* Any questions you may have surrounding EDs
* Posts asking for support relating to your eating disorder, and how to fight it
* Recovery Tips, ideas that have worked for you, and discussion on inpatient treatment, therapy or other methods of treatment that could help other people.
* Advice on how to eat healthily
* Recovery stories
* Discussions of the negative side-affects of diet pills, laxatives or other weight-loss "medications", along with threads asking for advice on how to stop taking them.

What not to Post:

* Anything glamourising/encouraging Eating Disorders
* Posts asking for advice on how to starve/purge effectively, or any other form of tipsharing
* Posts describing techniques used during active purging or binging
* Threads asking for advice on where to purcahse diet pills/laxatives, mentioning of brand name pills or discussion of which are the best ones to use
* Anything from, or links to "Pro-ED" sites, triggering links or "thinspiration" of any form
* Pro anorexic websites or websites promoting eating disorders or containing pictures of ultra skinny models.
* Dieting or exercise tips
* Although you may discuss other forms of self-harm, posts specifically asking for help about non-ED subjects would be better suited to their respective forums.
* Stats such as height, weight, waist size and so on. These can trigger some girls in recovery or trigger those already struggling, no posting of pictures of yourself if anorexic or bulimic or any other eating disorder these may also trigger some people.
* Other ED triggers

If you have any questions, or if you see something on here which you feel either breaks the terms of use, or doesn't fit these guidelines, please use the "Report post" button below each post.

We wish you good health, comfort, and recovery!

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replied December 6th, 2007
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Clarification of posting guidelines
I just want to remind everyone of the rules and guidelines for this forum.

I have noticed alot of people giving bad advice. This is a health forum, we are here to support them through the hard times and try and encourage them towards recovery. We always prefer people that come here and are open about the disorder to seek help from them.

Alot of people suffering from eating disorders can be triggered to a relapse! So please please do not post weights or body measurements on any posts. If someone wishes to know your "stats" you can share with each other through PM's. You can PM someone by clicking on their name which brings you to their profile and click send message to send them something privately.

Also do not give out tips to fight hunger. Ive seen many posts about ways to fight off the hunger without consuming alot of calories or an actual meal. These posts have been reported. We arent here to offer advice for people to further harm themselves and their bodies.


If you see a post of someone asking for tips on how to throw up, or fight hunger etc., please report that post, you can find the report post button on the bottom right of that particular posting and it will be send to be reviewed and removed if it is out of the terms of use for this site.

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replied March 18th, 2008
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Eating disorders are serious illnesses
Eating Disorders Are Serious Illnesses !!!
Posted: 24 Jul 2007 08:08 pm
This is a health forum, it is not a forum to exchange tips on how to make yourself throw up or starve, we are here to help each other .

This site is for help, recovering, we don't condone eating disorders.
They are serious illnesses. I invite you to read the other sticky "are you or a loved one suffering" and read all the side affects because making yourself throw up just one time can cause your heart to stop.

In other words, please do not post on here asking for tips. your post will be removed and will not be answered on this forum. You may exchange healthy diet tips on the dieting forums if you wish, But you will not get answers there on how to starve or make yourself throw up either.
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