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Leg Pain , Pulsing Vein

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A few weeks ago while sitting at my desk with my feet under my chair, I barely started to push with my legs to move the chair when a severe pain hit my the top of my left thigh that felt as though a muscle had ripped. Several times since then, when sitting in a chair for a while, such as in a restaurant, the pain would return and I wouldn't be able to stand and put any pressure on my leg, it feels like I have no strength to support standing. After a minute or two the pain would go away. Last night and all today I have had a pulsing or twitching vein in my leg, close to my knee and sometimes a sharp pain where the initial pain was.
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replied May 27th, 2009
Tiny sharp pulsating pain
Last night I woke up to a tiny, quickly pulsating, sharp needle-like pain in my vein (?) right under the skin, in my leg near my knee. There are no spider/insect bite marks. What could it be?
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