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Bipolar Is Tearing Our Family Apart

I need some advice. I am hoping that some of you others out there will be able to help. I have begun to lose hope.

To make a long story short; My wife has bipolar disorder and it has come to the point that in her lows she no longer wants to be with me and in her highs she is very much in love. Normally this wouldn't be a huge issue and we could get help from our doctor, however during one of her huge lows she moved her and my 2 year old son into her mother's. Her mother has her own very unstable psychological problems and with them mixed I can't get my wife help. Even during my wife's highs she is reluctant to go. Twice I have made appointments after convincing her only to have them cancled because either her mother prevented her or because she was experiencing her low and didn't want to come outside. I refuse to give up but this seems impossible. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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replied August 12th, 2007
Dear Kurutian,

I am a 25 yr old female with bipolar disorder. I am not married but I can tell you that my bipolar has torn my relationships apart in the past. My suggestions are that when she is low, don't try to talk to her. just be there to listen when she is low. don't try to "fix" the low because it's NOT you and theres nothing you can do. so just listen. When she is High you have a better chance of getting her to hear you. unfortunately now you have her mother playing into the mix of things now too. Please know that you haven't done anything. This disorder is extremely difficult to live with. proper medication and close contact with doctors is the best way to fight it. does your wife take meds? do they possibly need to be changed or altered? She has to manage this disorder and stay on top of it. I am sorry that you going through this. It must be very hard. I am here to help if you have some specific questions.
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replied August 13th, 2007
Thats quite a difficult situation for sure. I agree with the last post, a "normal-like" mood or a up mood would be better to talk to her in. But her mother may be trying to keep her down with her. She must make decisions that are best for the child. In the meanwhile i would continue to care and love yourself, seek professional advice, and take care of your kid. Meds seem to be the only way these days. Good luck.
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