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Odd Vibration-like Feeling...?

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I'm new here, so go easy on me if I seem new or ignorant. Embarassed

My particular question pertains to what seems like a vibrating feeling right between my leg and pubic area. It's become more frequent in the past two days. It doesn't hurt or cause any pain whatsoever, but it is really starting to annoy me. It started about two days ago, when, presumably, I was beginning my menstrual cycle for this month. It's increased in frequency and just feels as if something right on my skin is vibrating.

Has anyone else ever experienced this or know what it could be due to? I know it has nothing to do with clothing, since I've been fine wearing clothes of all types and it happens without clothes being on it.

If anyone has any input, I would greatly appreciate it so that I know if this is something I should see a doctor for or not. Thanks!
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First Helper Tylanas

replied August 7th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
Well sometimes my muscles will twitch/vibrate and it's really freaking annoying. Pressing your hand against the vibrating area should calm it down. I've never had it last that long through!
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replied November 18th, 2009
Strang Vibrating is happening to me too! Why?
OMG this is happening to me too! I have been looking on the internet to find out any information that I can and here is where I ended up. For me the vibrating started about two days ago as well (Tuesday). I also inserted my Nueva ring in on this Tuesday morning. This has not happened before with my Nueva ring but maybe I just never noticed. At first I thought my phone was vibrating in my bag and that I was feeling that. However every time I picked up my phone no one had was calling and the vibrating continued.

I agree it is so annoying! The pattern is in intervals of vibrations but when I touch down there I can't feel any external vibrating so I know it has to be internal. My guess is that it may be some sort of hormonal thing. I really wish I had a better explanation for it. If anyone out there can help us please do so.
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replied June 29th, 2010
vaginal vibrations
I too was having these same issues. I have been to a chiro for adjustments on my lower back before this started and my hips were not aligned the way they should have been which was causing my lower back pains. I haven't been to a chiro in quite sometime maybe 12 years and had had 2 large babies all back labor in that time frame. Anyways after my 1st few adjustments I started feeling these vibrations. I spoke to my chiro about it 1st to see what he thought and he stated that is normal due to my sciatic (lower back) being back to normal. since I was not aligned correctly for so long I was getting better and this was one of the signs. He stated some people feel in pelvic area some in legs, feet so needless to say I quit worrying about it. It lasted about 2-2 1/2 wks and now its completely gone just as fast as it came it on.
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