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Couldnt Wait Another 3 Weeks to Come Back.

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Well here i am at the local library where i am staying. Couldnt wait another 3 weeks to come back. I already feel as though ive missed so much.

Still havnt had my ultrasound yet, not untill next Monday but i am officially 20 weeks today.

Baby moves everyday now, i'm slowly starting to get used to it. The first real strong movement frightened me so much that i screamed.!! Laughing

My belly has grown. Deffinatley look pregnant now. I have been taking photos so i will keep you posted.

Well i am limited for time at the moment but hopefully sooner rather than later i get back and catch up!!


Edited to ask how early is too early to get braxton hicks?

My lower abdomen gets a bit tight from time to time. Doesnt hurt of course but was just curious if now is too early and should i be concerned!
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replied August 7th, 2007
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Hey! Great to hear from you.

No, it's not too early to get BH. I started to get them at 20 weeks too. Keeping yoursefl very well hydrated helps out with them. Also, pee the instant you get the urge. Believe me, it helps with them.

I can't wait to see pictures and keep us updated.
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