About two weeks ago I had increasing pain in my eye.. I went to the doctor and was sent to a corneal specialist.. I was told I had a bad ulcer caused by a hsv1 infection in my eye... My eye has gotten much better since then, but upon my latest examination I was told I lost sensation in my cornea.. this leads to complications because as with anypart of your body when there is no pain you cannot tell when you are being injured.. I was also told I would not be able to wear contacts again and if I did I risk losing my eye.. This is a problem to me for many reasons but mostly because I have very bad vision and I am a wrestler. You cannot wrestle with glasses and my vision is so poor I would not be able to wrestle without them.. I am looking for any vision correction solutions that would allow me to wrestle.. I am 17 so Lasiks is not really an option although I am looking into it as I am only a year off. If anyone has alternative solutions or information that contradicts what I have been told either about my eye or about the age limits on Lasiks please contact me here ... thank you again

- Brandon
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replied August 8th, 2007
Re: Eye Problems
Dear bet90:

I am really sorry to hear what you have gone through and how it is affecting your wrestling.

Please, please, do not even consider LASIK even when you are older. It is marketed very aggressively - even to people with high risk. People with any pre-existing dry eye conditions should avoid it and definitely people like you with anaesthetic cornea (loss of corneal sensation) as it could be disastrous. In the support group I run, many of the people with extremely severe, difficult to treat dry eye are people who had LASIK after having risk factors, so I know what I'm talking about. It would be terrible to have that happen at your age.

One possibility that you may want to look into is scleral lenses. Contact the Boston Foundation for Sight (bostonsight.org). These are not at all like normal contact lenses. They are used for people with diseased or injured corneas. They're basically a large gas permeable lens that holds fluid over the corneal surface all day. They do not touch the cornea, so they do not pose safety issues for situations like yours. I wear them full time myself because of damaged vision and dry eye.

But if you want info, contact the foundation itself. Many doctors do not know about or understand these lenses.

Hope this helps!

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