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The kidneys filter blood and regulate body flood. What happens during kidney failure? And what types of kidney failure do doctors diagnose?...
There are three main condition which cause renal (kidney) failure. Learn what causes kidney failure and what factors increase your risk of kidney problems....
What are the signs of acute or chronic kidney failure? Which ones are more serious than others? And when should you ask a doctor or go to the ER for help?...

Does anyone know of a safe antihistamine for kidney patients? I have been taking Mizolastine thinking there were not many side effects, but I was wrong. I have Bronchiectasis and found that the mizolastine did help with the wheezing and tightness. But aparently they are having trouble manufacturing them. My doctor prescribed cetrizine but on reading the information leaflet it says to take half if you have kidney problems. I am wondering if I should stop taking them completely and see what happens to my chest, or if there is a safter one on the market. Confused

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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