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Stomach Problem-bloating, Acid Reflux, Nausea, Bad Bowel Mov

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Hi, well I thought id post here and see if I can get some ideas on how to attack this problem of mine.

for the past few years I have suffered from consistent acid reflux, it usually comes on erratically but I have noticed it more consistently when I go to bed and if I am hungry. I have also noticed in the past 8-9 months my symptoms have broadened into consistent bloatage which occurs whenever I eat no matter what the quantity. I have also noticed when I eat a lot it is almost painful at times. I have also noticed that since I started drinking alcohol I can sometimes only stomach a pint or so before I start to feel nauseous and it takes only small amounts of alcohol to get drunk. I also have not had consistent bowel movements for months now.
*edit: also if i wake up early for work and have had less then say 8 hours of sleep i feel terrible and cat eat

About 6 months ago I saw a doctor about it, she could not find anything wrong with me at the time but prescribed me "PANTALOC" to combat my symptoms, after a few days of taking it I started to feel great and my bowel movements were relatively regular, I could consume large amounts of alcohol without becoming sick and I noticed it took me a lot more to get drunk. My acid reflux also went away completely. I found however if I missed a day of medication I would have severe acid reflux.

I was supposed to go back to the doctor after I completed my prescription of pantaloc if my symptoms came back to do an ulcer check but being the typical guy I am I have not gone back yet and my symptoms have returned.

I am getting more frustrated with my condition and am going to go back to the doctor to get an ulcer check, but in the mean time I was hoping someone could give me some incite or suggest some methods to help me cope. Im almost praying its sometime more severe then a case of IBS because if I have to live like this forever I want to trade this body in...

some background on myself. Im only 21 years old, i have been suffering from this for about 3 years now. I eat relatively "normal" IMO for my age. I am NOT obese, relatively fit. I do however suffer from sever anxiety and stress which could be related.
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replied September 21st, 2007
Yeah, that sounds just like an ulcer, at least those are the same exact symptoms I had and I had one. I am also 21. I took Nexium and it cleared up, but I first found out I had one many years ago. The ulcer comes back every now and then, usually when I allow myself to overendulge in alcohol or have an overly stressfull time in life. I am constantly eating small amounts of food cause when I go hungry, especially at night, it really hurts. Make sure they go into the small intestine to check also cause that was where mine was and it took them a while to find it cause they didn't look there at first. They finally found it doing an endoscopy. Good luck with all of that because it can suck at times, especially if you like to drink cause it will come back extremely fast by drinking alcohol
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replied May 18th, 2009
Having same problem
I've been having the same problem. The stress of not knowing what is happening has got me really freaked out.

I didn't test positive for h. pylori. I just had a bad few nights of stress and suddenly I had this problem.

I had a Barium swallow and only showed signs of acid reflux, but no ulcer.

I hope it goes away soon.
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replied June 12th, 2010
I have been having the same problems for years, over the past 18 months it has got so severe that i have lost 2 teeth and have to visit a dentist every 3 months, finally the primary care trust have agreed to operate (16th June 2010) to a gastric bypass as the valve from my esophogos does not close allowing all acid to come up into my mouth and causes so much pain its unreal. I would suggest you visit your doctor and request a ph monitor where you have a tube up your nose and down your throat (not pleasant) for 24 hours to measure the amount of acid your body is producing, failing that request a endoscopy to see whether you have a hiatus hernia.. Hope this helps.
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replied November 22nd, 2010
I have an hiatus hurnia and acid reflux. On the weekend i had severe abdomenal pain, i need a fix this hurt. they put iv in and gave me morphin. but what do i do now ..i still feel tender.
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