I have visited Two separate doctors in two separate hospitals because of severe chest pain shallow breathing and back pain both hospitals took blood samples chest x-rays and ECG scans. the first doctor told me that I had an irregular heartbeat when he took an ECG scan. the make matters worse he started asking me if I took heroine which I don't. The nurse asked started talking about young basketball players having heartattacks on the court.
my lab results came out with a 0.00 troponin level so they let me go he prescribed motrin and reccomended seeing a cardiologist about my ECG readings

The second doctor I visited took a second reading that came out simular to the first and said that my ECG reading was normal for someone in their 20s his daianosis was Wall chest Pain and Gastric Reflux..to which he prescribed Ranitidine..

However my visit to the first hospital still has me feeling uneasy like I don't know whats going on can anyone take a look please at these ECG readings and tell me whats going on.?

http://s180.photobucket.com/albums/x258/Si rWilliamPerkins/?action=view&current=E CG.jpg

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replied November 21st, 2007
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A troponin level is drawn specifically to see if you have had a heart attack. Your strip looks pretty darn good to me. I see no irrigular beats or PVC's in it at all. Looks normal to me. What we call sinus rythum strip. But, if the doc told you to see a cardiologist, then that is what you do. Maybe he wants a stress test or something.

Let us know how you make out. Personally your ECG is just beautiful.
P.S. I worked on a cardiac unit and did ECG's for 3 years. I think you can ease your mind. Your troponin level came back fine, your ECG to me looks great. I am no doctor by I can read rythum strips.

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