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Just Married And Confused

I just got married at the end of June. My husband is in the Coast Guard and is away on a three month long patrol. He left almost two weeks ago. We've been trying to have a baby for about two months now. I had just gotten off my period before he left and last weekend, I flew down to Hawaii because his patrol sent his there for a couple days.

Anyway, for about a week I have been waking up between the hours of three and six AM in a cold sweat, everyday I have a fever and sometimes I get stomach cramps.
I started spotting a few days after he left but now it's just the other symptoms.
I'm not sure if I'm pregnant or if it's just the fact that he's gone. I don't think it's the latter because I've been busy and, although I miss him, I'm not stressed by his absence.
It's to early to take a test, but I just wanted some advise...
because if I'm pregnant while he's gone, we can't go to any doctor appointments or look at ultra sound pictures together. And most likely, he'll be on a patrol, and I'll go into labor and they won't let him come home. Sad
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replied August 4th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
im really sorry to hear about how hes never home
it must be really hard for you Sad

well have you looked at an ovulation calander to see if you had unprotected sex when you ovulated last?

spotting could also be implantation vleeding as well

id test in a few weeks
i know its hard to wait but its the only way to know hun

best of luck
hope it all goes well
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replied August 6th, 2007
So I just started bleeding and it's WAY to early to be my period. Or is it?
I haven't even hit the two weeks mark yet. I don't start until a month after I ended.
My husband will be very happy if I'm pregnant, but I just don't knowwhat's going on.
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