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Sports - related Injury Present For Months

I pulled a muscle that's right over my hip back in about april, and even with a month of not doing anything, it still hurts after a while of exercising, or even just walking a long time. I'm a gymnast and freerunner, I know I pulled it in gymnastics, but this has lasted months. My questions are, is it a permanent injury? What is it exactly? Recovery time? Do I need to see a doctor? It also started to hurt in the same area over the other side as well, is it related or are both just from stress? I can walk just fine, there's no stiffness or swelling, it just hurts like a pulled muscle, which is not only annoying but uncomfortable. 5 months for an injury seems like a very long time, anything I should really worry about? Anything else I should know?

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replied October 28th, 2007
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All injuries will have residual effects, it just depends on how extreme they are. First off, apply ice if it swells or hurts. Otherwise apply heat in the form of an icy-hot patch or something to get more blood to flow there and get it to heal faster. If you're in high school, your body might be growing really fast and that might prevent things from healing. My lower back started becoming way less flexible in 9th grade and its been that way since. I dunno, a doctor might help.
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