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Have to Get Arthroscopic Hip Syrgery...

I have just been diagnosed with a torn labrum of my right hip and sadly this injury has been blamed on the 10 years that i spent distroying my body as a competitive gymnast for most of my childhood years. Now I am 24 and already need hip surgery. This is a first for me, although most of my old gym friends have had to go down the same path as me already.

I have been told that i required hip arthroscopic surgery, which i have found out is a relatively new proceedure to do on the hip. I wanted to know if anyone has had the same diagnosis and has gone through the process of getting this surgery done. If anyone has any advise or referrals to a really great doctor that would be amazing...

thanks... Wink
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replied August 2nd, 2007
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No referrals here...but I can relate. I was a young gymnast, too, although never competitive. My injuries showed up on my knees...and I've had ACL reconstruction on both. So, my heart goes out to you. Know that you're not alone. We support each other here.

Update us!!!

And one more a gymnast, you might consider yoga during your rehab....and for life! I love it and can help recommend some sequences which can get your heart rate going the way a good routine can...let me know.

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