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Almost three months ago I noticed my daughter (14)was looking at websites dealing with anorexia. I confronted her about it and she told me that she was bulimic and had been off and on for the past two years. She said that she would go months without purging, but would occasionally purge a few times a week. My wife and I have been going to counseling with my daughter ever since. She saw a nutritionist and saw a doctor about this. Now, literally a month ago her boyfriend asked her to stop and she has. She has now gone 3.5 weeks without purging and is feeling a lot better. My wife and I monitor nearly every meal and we make sure she is eating enough. From what we have seen she is not purging. My question is, can a person just stop the purging behaviors? Can a person just "try" being bulimic and then decide to just stop? Is it like drinking where a person can have a drink and not become an alcoholic? Can a person purge and then not become a bulimic?

I am hoping for the best.
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replied August 1st, 2007
Especially eHealthy
My opinion is this:
If she has had bulimia for two years i find it hard to beleive that she would just snap out of it and stop just because her boyfriend told her too, chances are she is hiding it alot better , people with eating disorders are very good at hiding things, she could very well still be purging, just finding better ways to hide the fact that she is doing it, i recommend keeping her in therapy and every once in a while getting her blood checked, they can look for electrolyte imbalances and such and tell you if she is still purging. Purging for two years is definately bulimic. I would suggest keeping a secret eye on her. You can always hope for the best but always gotta think of the worst and stay on top of it, hope ihelped ya some.
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replied August 7th, 2007
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well, she might not be purging but that doesnt mean shes suffering. congratulations on being able to do family therapy, it has proven to be one of the most effective treatments in sufferers. but i think it is really important that she gets individual therapy too. although shes not purging now, unless you absolutely address the issues with her, on she does it with a therapist, about the reasons why she has been behaving like this and such things she will continue to struggle. she might not throw up but she may just be feeling forever dissatisfied with herself, thus leading to a reduced quality of life. im sure you do not want this for your daughter.

it is my belief that finding out the origins of the eating disorder is so important because i am anorexic now, with purging. there were times when i went a few days or weeks without throwing up, but i was always struggling. my anorexia has gotten to a point that i was in hospital, i had to break away from my final year of school and i was once at a point where i was only living to self destruct.

please do not let your daughter follow this path. well done on being so aware and caring, you are doing a wonderful, wonderful job.
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