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what are my chances of being pregnant ?

hi im kind of new to this.. im very nervous.. i need some advice and ppl to talk to.. i may be pregnant but i am not to sure.. i had gotten my period on july 13th and it lasted till about the 17th... my fiance and i had unprotected sex on the 20th 21st. 26th and the 29th.. he pulled out( yes i know that is not always effective) actually sometimes he has problems keep an erection.. so he only came the first time we had sex on the 20th after my period..he is almost positive that no pre ejaculate or anything came out.. hes 25 hes pretty good about knowing his body.. the past 4 days or so i have been really really tired.. where i had to take naps during the afternoon.. i have been feeling sick to my stomach.. and i have been moodier then usual stomach has been going crazy i have cramping. it kind of feels like.. and i feel so bloated.. ppl say i dont look it.. that i actually lost weight.. but i feel as if my adbomen is huge... and i am scared to death that i may be pregnant i have been going crazy for the past few days.. i know nerves and stress dont help at all.. im supposted to get my period next week.. i took an early response pregnancy test today and it came back negative really quickly.... again i have been stressing allot.. is it possible my mind has been playing tricks on me.. like i said im supposted to get my period next week.. but the past 3 months i have been early.. i was supposted to get my period july 18th but it came the 13th. same with the month b4 that.. i got it 4 days early.. so i dont know when i ovulated.. what are my chances of being pregnant.. and how soon can i go to the dr to get a blood test to find out if i def am or am not pregnant?
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replied August 1st, 2007
Especially eHealthy
Wait until your period is late before testing.
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