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Allergic Reaction to Pynocare

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hi, i'm having allergic reactions 3 days after taking 9 soft gel capsules of Pynocare, 1 capsule for 9 consecutive days. And I did not take any medicine aside from that. The doctor told me she got it from Thailand. I checked it at a local pharmacy and found out that there's only one color for the product that they market and it's brown or golden brown. The one i took was maroon. I called the distributor and they informed me the product comes only in brown or golden brown even in other countries.

I was complaining about the 3 spots of blemish on my left cheek and now i got rashes all over my face going down to my neck. I have asthma, but not skin asthma. I never had any allergies except after taking Pynocare. I researched on its allergic reactions, found none. Active ingredients are Procyanidin, ascorbic acid, betacarotene, and d-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate. Can't remember i had any allergic reaction to vitamins A, C or E. What caused my skin to react that way?

I'm a bit lost. My doctor will be liable. In case, she gave me counterfeit medicine, the distributor i previously contacted should be informed too, threat on their part i guess. I don't know how far can I go. As of the moment, my skin problem is being handled by another dermatologist. I'm afraid that my former doctor would give me another medicine she's not aware what the side effects would be. I hope you could help me out.
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