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Get Rid of Arthritis Once And For All

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I use to Have arthritis in my spine and hands and feet. The CAUSE was my poor lifestyle and bad habits such as smoking and drinking.

So I eliminating the CAUSE (changedmy lifestle) and started to treat the symptoms. This is what I did and after 2 years I am 100% cured from arthritis and my chiro is amazed.

-Drink Plenty of Water
-Use glucosamine
-see a chiro if necessary
-Eat lots of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegies, and plant protein
-Cardio and Weight bearing exercises
-eliminate all fried or hydrogenated (fried foods or products containing fried oils) foods from your diet
-eliminate all SUGARS (malts, cane sugar, glucose, syrups etc)
-Use COMFREY cream over the arthritic are (grows back bone, cartilage, reduces inflamation and pain etc)-don't use on plates or pins
-Get some sun exposure (20minutes per day- b4 10am and after 3pm)

-Eat Sugar or foods containing it
-Eat high amounts of Meat (too high protein)
-drink carbonated beverages
-Eat fried foods
-stay inactive

If you would like any more info email me
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First Helper User Profile natural queen

replied November 11th, 2007
Nice solution. Thanks!
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replied May 7th, 2014
My name is Alex and I have been suffering with the pain in my hip for many years. The doctors had diagnosed that I had gout as my uric acid was high, but I did not have the swollen toe and I had pain in both my legs. Now they have done a MRI scan and found that I have minor arthritis in my hip. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you
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