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I am so confused.

This month, my chart is very erratic, like my first cycle charting. The only fertility symptoms I had were watery CM and a temperature surge on CD 12 (like always).

However, I had no eggwhite CM and my temperature took a deep dip the very next day. Fertility Friend says that I ovulated on CD 10, but I'm almost positive that is wrong and it's only saying that because my temperature for CD 11 was effed up (I got out of bed while temping.

Here's my chart:

I am guessing that I did not ovulate this month. Like, my ovary swelled with the egg maturing, but no egg was releasted because of another ovarian cyst. It would make sense, too, because the ovulation pain I had this month was on the left side and that is the ovary I had surgery on.

Unless I'm wrong. I have just never saw such a deep dip in my temperature after the surge like that.
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replied July 31st, 2007
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I looked at your chart. It might be a bit early to tell. Your post-o temps last month were all above 97.3 and your lowest recent temp this month is a bit lower.

One reason to temp is so that you can show your charts to your doctor. If you suspect that you have a cyst, you can show your chart to your doctor.
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