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The RIGHT way to squeeze an infected pore !

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Believe it or not once you have an infected pore, it is best to squeeze and expel the impurities from the system.

The body heals itself far more quickly once the impurity (infection/blocked pore) has been squeezed out.

However there is a RIGHT and WRONG way to squeeze. The wrong way can actually push the infection back deep into the pore and damage the skin in that region.

The RIGHT way to squeeze involves using a tissue, placing your fingers on either side of the pimple and pushing directly down and then pulling out. Straight after you have eliminated the impurity, place an ice cube over the area for a few moments, then dry and place a drop of manuka honey on the area and let it stay there until the pore has closed.

Manuka Honey with a UMF (unique Manuka Factor-measures antibacterial properties) of UMF 20+ works like a treat. I swear by it.

Another great thing to do is bath your affected areas in colloidal silver.

I use to have awful acne but a beauty therapist friend told me this trick.

Lets not forget however that its best to ELIMINATE the CAUSE of your acne, instead of just treating the SYMPTOMS.

Good Luck Laughing
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