i recently messed up a relationship with someone i though might have been really special, and i think a large part of what i did wrong was moving to slowly but im not sure..

i went out with her 4-5 times, a few times it was with her friends though. i never tried to kiss her or even flirt with her although she would flirt with me. i think my shyness may have caused her to feel awkward about a relationship with me.. does this make sense to anyone else?
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replied July 30th, 2007
Moving to slow?

Well it depends.

What do you want out this relationship?

If you were looking for that significant other,
then yes you are going way to slow.

If its some casual crush/fling then no.

But by the look of your post it's more like the first one (significant other), so...

I say step it up a notch!

Be a bit more bold.

If you are shy, well i can't tell you anything but get over it.

If your post is correct, then she is definitely interested in you.

So well you try to step it up, when you try to be bold,

its okay to make mistakes.

She will love you for your mistakes.

Imagine this scene:

A baby walks into the living room and sees the remote on the couch.

The parents and their friends looks with interest, and when the baby tries and fails to get the remote and instead falls.

What do they do, they laugh and they love the baby more.

You'll be like that baby, you'll try to impress her, flirt with her, or whatever and if you make a mistake, no biggie.

So go ahead, relax. And jump into it.

PS When it comes down to thing like this i prefer to talk, either face to face or telephone. Because dating is a tricky and complex thing and i can't type fast enough.

Well goodluck!

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