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Do HIV cause pimples on your back and arm ?

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Here is the story...I was sleeping on the floor at my Dads for about 8 months. I would sweat alot because he would turn the air off and my room was were the sun came up. I was wet every morning when I woke up due to heat. I would also sleep on the carpet with no shirt on. I broke out in bumps on my back. I had my girlfriend pop a few and they had puss come out just like a pimple. Now, I have a few on my upper arm. I notice that I had them for two months. I had unprotected sex with someone back in May. I don`t know if it has something to do with HIV or I just have bacne. Do HIV cause pimples on your back and arm?
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replied August 1st, 2007
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No, that does not sound like HIV.

It sounds like you are just breaking out from sweating and being on a dirty carpet. Even if the carpet does not look dirty, and even if it is freshly vacuumed, if you were sleeping directly on the carpet with no blankets or anything, that's kind of the equivalent of never changing the sheets on your bed. You wouldn't just vacuum your bed off, never change your sheets, and call it clean enough to sleep on, right? Razz

So make sure you sleep on a blanket or sheet rather than directly on the floor or mattress. Wash your blankets and sheets. Never use a pillow without a pillowcase on it. Wash your pillowcases often. Make sure you are washing your back and shoulders when you shower.

So it sounds like your acne is just pain old acne. However, that does not mean you do not have an STD. Most people with STDs don't even have any symptoms. So if you're wondering if you're clean or not, all you can do is get tested.
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replied May 10th, 2011
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i had sex wid sum gal copul f dayz bck.i discovrd pimples on lower prt f my face.cnnt recall wthr itz a luv bite or i m relly scared.had wekness d day aftr wekness has ocrrd durin my lst sex interval 2.i had prtcn bt don kno wthr d cndm brok out r sumthng.i cumd inside her vagina.nd she waz a non-virgin.plz hlp me out.
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