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tired all the time , I feel nauseous , irritable and weak ..

I am an 18 year old female, and I've been somewhat ill for as long as I can remember. In my short life I've had double pneumonia, countless bouts of the flu, mononucleosis, millions of sinus infections, the whooping cough, and allergies. After being severely ill with mono last February, I haven't been the same. I'm tired all the time, I feel nauseous, irritable and weak. I've been to the doctor countless times in hopes of finding some relief but no one seems to know what is the matter. I was put on Cymbalta for anxiety this past spring, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I can't help but wonder if my anxiety has developed into depression. I also experience random shooting chest pains, shortness of breath, and dizziness. I'm going away to college in a few weeks, but I don't know if I'll be able to make it if I can't feel better soon. I'm sick of being sick.
Please, someone, anyone, if you have any clue as to what could be wrong with me, let me know. I'm willing to talk to anyone who will listen!

-Totally hopeless, but still looking for a cure
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replied July 30th, 2007
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I won't explain how you may have gotten all your current issues, but I will just go straight into what you need to do - starting right this minute:

- Take care of your anxiety and/or depression. It is important to have a disease-free mind before you go into fixing your other body problems. Anxiety and depression are relatively easy to treat; all you really need to do is sit down and think about who or what is causing your anxiety and depression, what you can do about it, and then actually do something about it. If you are having a hard time coming up with the answers - then ask a family member or a professional to help you figure that stuff out. Once you are completely sure that you know what is causing you mental grief - then try your hardest to reverse it. Some things you can do while treating your anxiety and depression are: deep breathing, meditation, relaxation, praying, swimming, hot tub/sauna/steam room, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, spas, exercising (very important actually, but only do however much you can currently handle), daily walks, daily exposure to the sun (or tanning beds if the sun in your area isn't daily), supplements/multivitamins, and organic eating. The whole idea is to figure out what your problems are, what you can do to fix them, fix them, and then calm down and relax. I assure you that your anxiety and depression will be gone then.

- Take care of your body. Frequently getting sick is a sign of a weak immune system. Start exercising regularly (swimming and biking are good for this purpose), start using a multivitamin and some specific supplements geared towards enhancing your immune system (b vitamins, vitamin c, zinc, l-glutamine, Echinacea, etc.), and fix your sleeping pattern and hygiene.

- For infectious diseases, antibiotics are more commonly prescribed. In order to find out which bacteria you might currently be infected with, you need to get some blood tests done. If you haven't done those already, then inquire your doctor about getting checked out as soon as possible. You can also drink Japanese mushroom teas and take daily detoxification formulas to clean out any of the less threatening bacteria while you are waiting for your blood test results.

- It is very important to have a positive outlook on life. Even though life may be currently treating you like crap - you still need to know that you deserve better... and plant a message of hope in the back of your mind. That way, in times of trouble - you could reflect back on that self-implanted message of hope, and you'll at least know that good things are going to happen if you are persistent. I like to read motivational quotes on a regular basis, as well as books on success and scientific resources which help me reprogram my ill consumer and media programmed mind into a more natural, healthier mind... which in turn helps me deal with problems using all kinds of alternative ways... and not solemnly relying on doctors and medications. Sometimes that may be your number one problem - relying on others to fix you up; when in reality - it is YOU who needs to fix YOU up.

Hope that helped.
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replied March 1st, 2009
I would contact Dr.Liz Lipski and make an appointment for a phone consultation to start. She can be reached at
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replied June 29th, 2009
You're not alone
I see that your post is about two years old, but I feel inclined to write something here anyway.

I have no name of an illness for you, but I would like to say I am 21-year-old college student now, and was 19 when you posted this, and I currently am--and was--experiencing every single symptom exactly the way you describe it, no more, no less. Our only differences lie in the strength of our immune systems and that I haven't had serious illnesses over the course of my life. Perhaps the purpose of my post is to point out that it is possible that there is something more specific that afflicts us both. I know that I am somewhat relieved to know that there is someone else experiencing these awful symptoms--what I mean by that, is that it brings an understanding that there it may be a specific problem a doctor can sort out for us, assuming it is a physical problem, and not a mental one.

Don't rule out the possibility that there is a presence of a mental issue. Our minds are powerful things, and can cause an unusual and vast array of physical symptoms that you wouldn't think to link to something like a mental state.

But to know that we share the same problem, perhaps it is time for a visit to the doctor to pinpoint a more specific illness. I hope that it is some relief for you to know that maybe our illness has a name--not just some nameless cascade of symptoms with no apparent diagnosis--and just needs to be sorted out by a professional.

Again, I realize your post is almost two years old, but on that note, in the time since you've posted this, have you been able to discover anything? If you have, you may be able to help me (and others) find the issue at hand, as well.
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replied September 10th, 2009
Hi, I noticed that you said that you've had sinus problems and shortness of breath.
I have the same problem where my air pipes or whatever you call them are partially blocked and I can't breathe fully from my nose, i've had this problem for around 2 years, I think its causing me to be tired all the time and getting dizzy quite often, and i have shortness of breath all the time.
I don't know if this is the same case with you but I guess not having enough air would cause shortness of breath, dizziness and feeling tired.

if you have breathing problems that could be the case.
I hope that helps in any way Very Happy
(don't assume that you have depression) because when you feel tired and hopeless all the time, you might think you're depressed and that would make you even worse...
so look into the breathing thing, then see what happens Smile
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replied September 15th, 2009
Breathing issue's and toxic world
This is happening to alot of people here in arizona, i have had the exact same problems too. I have been researching this for awhile and it can be a number of things, black mold in your house, or forest fires and controlled burns, airplane exhaust, pollution mixed with our high uv rays and numerous others. I am at my wits end with this, i was fine until about 7 years ago and it has slowly gotten worse every year and hundreds of people i have talked to are doing the same, its the canary in the mine thing, we need fresh clean flowing air and those kind of places are hard to find and can be expensive. It is affecting everyone but they just dont know it.
Biotoxin illness is a good one to research, mold can really make you sick and to Ab1204's problem it sounds kinda like a mold issue.
And peepoo, i have your exact same symptons and its miserable, i have been to the emergency room alot and my car now really makes me sick, hot uv rays mixed with toxic roads and the newer cars let in air down by the engine and i have a nissan sentra one of the most toxic interiors you can get, i wondered why in the winter i can ride in it better or if its overcast and cool. but the summer heat i feel like i am having a major allergic reaction.
Hope everyone gets better and try to stay positive, i say this now as i feel dizzy and weird, lol..the planet is getting more toxic, when i can afford it i am heading to cleaner air and water if its out there, research, lots of digging.

God Bless,

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replied September 15th, 2009
thanks for the reply Kat Smile
I hope we all feel better one day, maybe live somewhere in the rainforest.. would be so nice Very Happy
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replied September 15th, 2009
Your welcome, yes the rain forest might be the ticket, i have been looking for two and a half years and if i find somewhere great i will let you know right away. Smile

By the way what state do you live in?
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replied January 30th, 2010
Tired, short of breath, weak....possible heart condition?
Anyone with shortness of breath should get their heart checked out. My step-son died of heart failure and he felt weak, tired and short of breath. He was only 16. Do a stress test on your heart to rule that out.

Next, do a sleep study. That'll rule out any sleep apnea.

I'm also suffering, but haven't had any daignosis. Really frustrating!
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replied January 31st, 2010
mold is a big issue now sick building syndrome and chemtrails, getting bigger also but alot of crazy stuff so use good judgment on the chemtrail facts. also the air from all the states doing control burns is another concern and the national geographic site has some stuff on Parks in western us contaminated by pesticides and heavy metals and the air is polluted big time.

The biggest thing that is helping me in this toxic world is to do deep breathing which is major important and there is a great web site on it or just google and there is alot on it, drink alot of water and hydrating things like pedilite ect. excercise like qi'gong or tai'chi in the stressful time all these things should help alot, i would stay inside when the air is bad, and lookout for the new building materials in homes and new cars, alot of these things can contribute to symptons, but i know black mold can cause alot of these symptons that are on here because i have been through it. I now am dealing with chemical sensitivities.

Stay positive, pray and have faith and you can be healed, keep awareness but not to the point of being frantic, thats stressful too Smile

God Bless

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replied February 22nd, 2010
I have these symptoms as well. Along with burning joint pains and severe headaches at the rear base of my skull. I'm going through a series of blood tests right now, but so far (thank God for some of them) none have come back showing anything. I've had these symptoms for 5 or 6 years. It's maddening. It comes in bouts, as I call them, that last for a week or two and then subside and I feel "normal" for a month or two so then they come back again. I want answers too, but can't seem to find them anywhere.
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replied April 4th, 2011
do you think we are all just crazy? its pondered my thoughts a few times. Maybe we all get sick like this because we are always thinking about stuff. I remember when i was a kid, if i felt bad, i wud sleep, if i felt dizzy i wud think its funny, if i had pain, i would ignore it. Now its like everything i read scares me that i might have it. Maybe the sickness is in the brain, not our body, i have been tested for alot of stuff. BTW, if there is an actual problem, we should all look in sinuses more. Alot of people here have mentioned there sinuses and allergies, i suffer from both but never actually been fully diagnosed/treated as im living abroad so healthcare is expensive here.
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replied November 3rd, 2011
Hey, yup, I have all these symptoms aswell and have had for three yrs now.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel of this story:
My brief history over the three yrs has been:
High period of stress and prolonged exposure to polution from busy road.
Glandular fever. / Mono ( which went miss diagnosed for three months thanks very much doc)
Mental break down ( my Adrenal glands packed it in from the stress, and the Mono, and the not resting because I was miss diagnosed)
Throughout this time I was so tired I felt so Sick, severe brain fog, very lethargic (obviously), shortness of breath, difficulty breathing through my nose, my skin got dry, my hair got brittle and started galling out, my eyes were very sensitive to light and then I started depersonalizing because I didn't know or understand what was happening to me.
After 12 months of this I got pissed off at the doctors.. Most of which told me to "cheer up" and I would feel fine.
I now see a variety I'd practitioners that have come highly recommended to me and I attack my health from all sides. I see a:
Herbalist whom is also a GP (evey three months to monitor)
A naturopath ( every 6 months)
A GP (when problems crop up)
A group trainer (twice a week)
And most of all..I monitor how I feel..if I feel especially bad I think back as to what caused it.. a certain food.. Did I forget my vitamins... is it hayfeever season... have I drunk water... Your body will tell you when it's not happy.. You know yourself best.
( All on a very tight budget... I go to the school of Naturopathy for discounts shopping before my health)
I have found a variety of things have helped:
Completely de stressed... I know have a job that I LOVE.
I've had all my vitamin levels checked and found that I was VERY low in Vit D and Vit A. Supplements and a varied diet with as much organic and leafy greens as possible (naturopath) has helped EXTREEMLY! most noticeably when I started taking D. Interesting cuz Vit D is directly related to immune.
Drinking lots of water. All of the above symptoms can be caused by dehydration alone. Water... All the time.. Do it.
I have herbs and a steroid spray for my nose that I take once a day to elevate my sinuses (this also de sensitizes you for later on) I knoticed a BIG difference with this too. Blocked sinuses cause sleep apnea, sleep apnea causes brain fog, nausea, dizziness.
I also did a course for personal development. It was the Landmark forum ( you may or may not have heard bad things about this... Some of he people surrounding it can be a bit strainge at times... But this is not much to put up with really compared to the benefits I have seen in all areas of my life)
So, in summary... From reding everyone's posts it seems that this kind of sickness is becoming quite prolific now in our society. What has works for me is an all round attitude.. I think they call it wholistic health, and an unwaining determnation to get my health back to where it was. I don't take one persons word for it... I check and check again so that nothing is missed. I'm religious about taking my supplements in the morning and night.. But I don't stress about it. LOVE yourself. And slowly you will regain your vivacity. The human body is an amazing and complex thing and it's ability to recover and regenerate is unfathomable.

So really, good luck. I hope I have given you some sence of light. It's going to be ok! xx
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